Top 5 Tools You Need to Navigate the Waters of Change in the Digital Marketing Era

Top 5 Tools You Need to Navigate the Waters of Change in the Digital Marketing Era

By: Kayla Anderson for Nevada SEO Experts

The way of doing business and marketing your product or service has drastically changed in the last decade, even in the last year! Keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing can feel like going down a constantly flowing river. As you review your marketing strategy for 2018, it’s good to keep these top 5 marketing approaches in mind to get your business noticed, keep your existing customers happy, and generally stay afloat:

  1. It’s time to consider video marketing. As consumers’ attention spans are getting shorter, people are spending more time on their smartphones shopping, checking social media, and watching videos. What does this have to do with your business? Video is becoming one of the most influential forms of digital marketing because it keeps your prospects engaged and entertained which gives you an opportunity to reach those people who are on their phones all day. Implementing video into your marketing strategy will also help boost your website traffic and reach an increasingly popular demographic.
  2. Dominate micro-moments. As one of the new buzz words of the digital age, a micro-moment is an intent-driven movement when a person turns to a device to act on a need. From using a mobile device to look up a football score or pull up a recipe to researching a long-term plan (like buying real estate), people are using their smartphones for three main purposes: to do, to buy, to know. Therefore, you want to make sure that your website design is simple, straightforward, and responsive. When someone grabs their phone and Googles something related to your business, make sure that you are one of the first on the list.
  3. Personalize your messages. After you’ve collected a few pieces of information about your prospect through a website landing page form or call to action, then nurture your new relationship with personalized follow-up messages. Stay in touch (but don’t bug them) through a personalized email sequence letting them know that you are available to answer any questions they may have.
  4. Invest in content development. Blogging is a great way to not only attract new visitors and promote your business but every time you are creating a new unique webpage you are boosting your SEO ranking. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes…what questions are they currently asking you? Then address those topics through a blog or YouTube video. By becoming the expert in your field, you’ll be able to build up trust with a person and convert them into a loyal customer.
  5. Place more emphasis on understanding your buyer’s persona. The future of digital marketing is understanding your customers by figuring out their problems and fixing them. Offering relevant, useful information can help a customer make an informed decision (hopefully in favor of your product or service). Therefore, you need to figure out who your customers are. What is their job title and position in their company? What motivates them? How can you help reach their goals? Once you do some research and figure out your buyer’s persona, then you create content to meet their needs. This year is the year where instead of finding the right customers, create an approach so that customers are finding you.

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