How Email Sequence Campaigns Can Finally Get the Ball Rolling with Your Contacts

How Email Sequence Campaigns Can Finally Get the Ball Rolling with Your Contacts

By: Kayla Anderson for Nevada SEO Experts

After all of that time and energy attracting a qualified lead, have you ever sent a series of emails to the prospect and have received no response? It could be that your goals are not aligned with your prospect, turning them off. One way to combat that and get your prospects to engage is to start sending them a personalized email sequence. This can at least keep them moving forward with your business or at the very least get a conversation started.

Nevada-SEO-Experts-Email-Marketing-300x300 How Email Sequence Campaigns Can Finally Get the Ball Rolling with Your Contacts

When putting together an email sequence, your main goal should be to help your contact find a solution to the problem they have. What are they trying to accomplish? Every email in your sequence should also touch on these 5 points:

  • Start with one specific goal, like scheduling a meeting or wanting to pin down a time to host a live demo with your contact. If you bombard your contact with more than one objective, then you might confuse them. Keep your message simple, clear, and precise with the action that you want your contact to take.
  • What are the common obstacles? Think of the reason why people aren’t getting back to you. Where are they stuck in engaging with your business? Are you talking to more than one contact at the same company? Is it bad timing? As you test out your email sequencing, feel free to create different sequences for different problems and work through them.
  • Be helpful- all the time. No one likes a pushy salesperson, so you always need to be reaching out in a friendly, non-intimidating way. People are busy and when you’re reaching out blindly to them then you are probably interrupting their day. Be short and to the point in your communication and freely give them resources that help them reach their goals.
  • Pay attention to the timing of your emails. It can be tempting to want to follow up with your contact every day until you get a response, but that might not be the best solution. There’s a fine line between encouraging your prospect to take action and scaring them away. Think about how much time should pass before you send your next email. Is it a week, two weeks, a month? Consider the average time it took to convert your existing customers and plan your sequence for future customers accordingly.
  • Cut your losses when you need to. If you have reached out to a contact 5-6 times and have not received a response, then maybe it’s time to let this lead go. It’s nothing personal- maybe you are sending information that is not relevant to them, or are reaching out to the wrong person, or perhaps they are simply happy with their current provider which is why they aren’t getting back to you. Whatever the case, there’s no point in continuing to bother them. However, don’t just drop the prospect without an explanation. Send a “break-up” email, letting them know that you will not contact them any further but that you are around for when they are ready to chat. A lot of times, this spurs the prospect to take action or at the very least it lets them know where you stand.

There are many tools available that can help with timing and automation of your emails. Nevada SEO Experts is here to help you with lead generation and then hopefully with this strategy, you can close the sale.   For information about our products and services, click here.